Search engine optimization or SEO is used by many businesses to establish a web presence and reach out to the widest possible audience.  SEO is a process that can be undertaken by businesses – after all, there are quite a few tools and software available to those who want to go the DIY route.  Then there are SEO companies like Scottsdale SEO LinkHelpers which specialize in this particular area and have the requisite experience and track record of giving a company the visibility they need. They have gained extreme proficiency and knowledge in their work and so they can be considered to be dependable.

What businesses now realize is that they need not just a good looking and optimized website but also one which has good and relevant content.  SEO companies offer SEO work, design and content – all put together in a comprehensive package.  Site structure and content are optimized so that search engines find pages easily based on ever evolving algorithms and for visitors so that they can navigate the site easily.  SEO benefits clients immensely – the higher a site is ranked, the higher the exposure a business gets eventually leading to actual customers.

How SEO works:

There are quite a few aspects that go into website design and leading up to SEO optimization.

Design Optimization:

Good design has 2 important elements – SEO and overall appearance. To have a great and successful site, these two elements have to be merged.  This will help in creating a fabulous and easy to navigate site where users are satisfied and find a lot of usable content.  One technique which can be used is mouse over text.  This means that a visually attractive site can also provide vital information when a cursor is moved over different areas. Text is made visible to search engines and this leads to good SEO and a great user experience.

Improve SEO and User Experience

Another good way to improve SEO and user experience is to make use of expandable div elements to make sure that text not useful to users/visitors isn’t made visible.  This text is embedded into the site’s code and can be found by search engines; it is just hidden from visitors. Expandable divs have another benefit – they are not limited in size, unlike rollover text.  They can be made available in the form of drop down menus with a lot of really useful information and text which influences SEO. Talk to an SEO expert like Scottsdale SEO LinkHelpers today to get instant solutions and visibility on the global platform for your business.