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Perfect Marketing With the Perfect Deals

Monday, August 20th, 2018

Many entrepreneurs wonder why making a business plan is important. In addition, there are rules and a certain formalism to respect. We explain all this in this file in four steps. Entrepreneurs explain how they made their business plan, the mistakes they made and what they recommend. In addition, an advice section gives you the tips of fundraisers but also investor testimonials to adapt your business plan to their requirements. . At the end of the file, we provide you with practical tools for writing a business plan simply and efficiently.

Business Plan Analysis Grid

Is my business plan good? How could a competition jury rate my business plan? This business analysis grid allows you to obtain a note on your business plan. Taking up most of the analysis criteria of a business plan, you will get a score on different criteria and an overall score. With the right marketing business plan the options are the bests now.

A very good tool to improve your business plan.

Checklist business plan questions tool

A business plan has to answer a number of questions. You will find in excel format, the list of these questions and a tool to check where you are in the drafting of your business plan.

Good reading

Executive summary example

To convince an investor to read your business plan, you must first write a powerful executive summary! We offer here a model of executive summary with explanations, annotations and comments.

Business plan template

A guide to writing the business plan of 108 slides by an expert who will guide you step by step to raise the necessary funds for your project.

Excel business plan software

Need to make your business plan and financial model in Excel? Your bank asks you for an income statement and your cash flow statement? Download our software to realize your business plan in Excel: a complete tool with over 6,000 configurable data and the automatic calculation of your balance sheet, your income statement and the cash flow statement.

The executive summary of the business plan

Do you prefer to receive an email of 10 pages or a mail of 5 lines describing these 10 pages? For a financier, it’s the same thing. No one reads a business plan in its entirety. Your interlocutor (banker, investorand jury) will read your executive summary and eventually, if interested, your business plan.

Reasons to write a business plan

“It is not to want to spend the time there, the preference to solicit customers.” “It’s a theoretical exercise that does not bring anything concrete.” “Another financial thing”. So many thoughts on the business plan to not embark on its drafting. Here are the valid reasons to push you to write a business plan.

SEO Going with the Design and Promotion of Your Site

Monday, August 20th, 2018

Today, among services in the field of web design and promotion of sites, you can often find such a service as SEO audit.

Questions for You

What is a similar service? Why should it be necessary for site owners? What should be an effective SEO audit? It is worth considering all these issues in more detail.

  • SEO audit is usually called a service that includes a comprehensive check of site parameters that are relevant when it is promoted in search engines. The list of parameters to be checked in each case can be different. It depends on the type of site being tested, and on its goals and objectives, and on the company providing SEO audit services.
  • SEO audit can be required in different cases. Usually it is performed before the promotion of the site – in this case, it is needed to determine the site’s willingness to perform active actions for its promotion. Also SEO audit can be performed and after a certain period of promotion to evaluate the results.

A competently executed SEO audit gives the site owner a lot of useful information, helping him to understand exactly where the site has “weak spots” and also to find out what steps can be taken to eliminate these “weaknesses”. An example of a possible SEO algorithm is presented below. From Phoenix SEO you will be having the supports available.

Algorithm for implementing SEO audit

SEO analysis

At this stage of the SEO audit, an analysis is made of the main factors of external and internal optimization of the site:

  • analysis of the current position of the site in the search engines by thematic keywords
  • analysis of the number and quality of backlinks to the site
  • the analysis of the quantity and quality of the pages of the site, indexed by the search engines
  • analysis of indicators of site’s trust (TCI, Google PR)
  • the analysis of the uniqueness of texts on the pages of the site
  • check for the presence of H1-H6 headlines on the site
  • analysis of meta tags title, keywords, description of each page
  • the analysis of keywords in the texts of the pages of the site
  • analysis of internal site linking
  • Analysis of sitemap site and robots.txt file

To perform all the checks at this stage, various manual or automated methods can be used. At the same time, all results are recorded in one form or another in a special report, which will make it possible in the future to make recommendations for correcting mistakes and shortcomings, if such are found in the analysis.

Analysis of usability

This stage of SEO audit involves a thorough study of website usability. Experts check how easy and convenient to use the site, how understandable and accessible to the users necessary for the purchase or order of the service action.

SEO audit is a service that necessarily requires an individual approach to the consideration of each site. Otherwise, the recommendations developed during such an audit may be completely ineffective and do not bring in the promotion of the site benefits. In this regard, it is necessary to approach the choice of the performer for SEO audit as seriously and carefully as possible.